Marble Floor Tiles for Ottawa Homes

Marble Floor Tile for Ottawa Homes
Marble floors have been used for centuries, and marble tile is the choice of better designers everywhere; a marble floor adds elegance to any living space. Ottawa homeowners can take advantage of a number of premium stone companies who serve the area. Choosing marble floor tile for your Ottawa home can be a highly enjoyable experience. However, there are many different colours and patterns available, and selecting just the right tile for your lifestyle can be a little daunting unless you know some basic facts about marble tile.
Marble Tile Basics
Marble is a natural stone, made of crystallized stone, primarily limestone, which has undergone great pressure beneath the earth. Marble is quarried in many countries around the world, and varies greatly in colour and pattern.
Marble is an extremely durable flooring material, as evidenced by the marble floors still existent in some of the great ancient monuments. Although marble is durable, it must be sealed to prevent damage. Depending on the amount of traffic in the area, marble should be resealed at regular intervals.
Marble tiles come in various sizes. Generally speaking, larger tiles are more expensive than smaller ones. There's a wide price range for tiles, depending on the stone, the design, and the size.
One of the factors that will affect the way your floor looks is the finish of your marble tiles. There are three basic finishes for marble tiles:
  • Traditional. Traditional polished tiles have a shiny finish and add a timeless grace to spaces such as entryways, foyers, and formal dining rooms. This tile is eye-catching, and patterns within gleam beautifully. The high polish finish is easy to clean, but it can also be slippery when wet.
  • Honed. Marble tile with a matte finish is known as "honed.” This tile is a great choice for high traffic areas of the home such as the kitchen. Scratches won't show, and the tiles are more slip-resistant.
  • Antique. Many homeowners are choosing tiles that have an antique look. Tumbled tiles have a unique look that is achieved by tumbling them with sand. This creates chipped edges and rounded corners. Brushed tiles are scrubbed repeatedly with a wire brush give the marble a textured effect. Flamed tiles feature heated marble that causes crystals to protrude and look more prominent. Acid treated tiles have had acid applied to make them look weathered. Antique tiles are becoming more and more popular, particularly with homeowners who are renovating an older house, or who hope to create a feeling of permanence in a new home.
Adding Value to Your Home
Before deciding on a tile, it is advisable to research price ranges. Tiles range from very cheap to premium quality. Don't choose the cheapest option; it's likely that these tiles are "seconds” or of inferior quality. Remember that marble flooring will add value to any house; tastefully installed marble can add thousands of dollars onto your home's resale value.
There are several premium stone companies that service the Ottawa area. Make sure you choose one that can answer any questions you have about marble tile flooring, and that has a large showroom filled with available types of marble.
Visit a stone company today, and find out how marble can transform your home!